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RUSLAN + YANA - Mirabeau Park Spokane, WA

November 8, 2018


A great love will always stand the test of time. After dating long distance for over two years, these two are more than ready to start the next chapter in their lives together, marriage. Congratulations Ruslan + Yana!


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November 6

2 days before he proposed, Ruslan reached out to me and asked me to help him plan the perfect proposal for my amazing cousin + best friend Yana. He was flying out to see her the following day which meant that we had a lot to do in a very short period of time. Yana had already known that we would be flying in for her birthday, so we had to create something great without ruining the surprise. Less than 24 hours before our flight to Spokane, I reached out to Toni from Artifact Rentals and sent her a quick email asking if she would be able to help me put something together for this proposal. I sent the email and crossed my fingers thinking that there was no way that she would be free. It was very last minute, but worth a shot. She immediately replied and was very excited and was on board to do anything to help out. She made the entire process so stress-free even though I was planning this entire thing the day before it happened from two states away. Toni then went above and beyond my expectations and reached out to Angela from Small Bites Sweet Treats and asked her if she wanted to be part of this surprise. She agreed and put together the most beautiful, gourmet charcuterie board I have ever seen with so many yummy goodies. The day of the proposal, Toni also stopped by at an amazing floral shop, Parrish and Grove, and asked them to create a stunning bouquet for us. All of these little things paired so great with Toni's beautiful rentals.

November 8

Yana’s 21st birthday and the morning of our flight, we boarded our plane and I quickly texted Yana telling her that we had overslept, missed our flight, and that we weren’t sure what time we would be arriving. We were supposed to land in Spokane at 10:45am but we tricked her into thinking we would most likely be flying in super late at night. She was devastated that we wouldn’t be spending her birthday with her, but little did she know that we were just planning a magical surprise for her. It had always been her dream to have me photograph her proposal and because of her amazing fiancé, we were able to make it happen. Back to the story, we arrive to Seattle 30 minutes late because of mechanical issues and miss our connecting flight to Spokane. I guess that’s what we get for lying in the first place, but thankfully Toni helped save the day. I franticly called her, fearful that she was going to be unable to help us put this together because of her prior arrangements for the day, but she came through! She picked up the flowers, bought some champagne, got the charcuterie board, and dropped everything off, along with her rentals, at Yana’s house so it would all be ready for us as soon as we flew in. She was an angel. I can’t thank her enough. I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without her. While we were rushing to make this whole day come together perfectly, Ruslan distracted Yana with fun activities all around the city. 

2 hours later, after coordinating with my aunt and Toni about the time change, we finally boarded our flight to Spokane. The entire one hour flight, I was so nervous and filled with so much excitement knowing that in just a few short hours, my best friend would be engaged to the love of her life. Around 1pm, we landed and my aunt, came and picked us up and we drove to Mirabeau Park and began setting everything up.