ALEX + DINA - Point Reyes, CA 

June 17, 2018

I'm so excited to finally share this beautiful engagement session with you all. A few weeks ago, I sent Alex + Dina a few location ideas for their session, and they decided on Point Reyes National Seashore in Northern California's Marin County. I was so happy that they chose this location because one, it is one of my favorite places to go to that isn't too far from home, and two, I've been dreaming of photographing a couple there even before I got into photography. We started off our session at the Cypress Tree Tunnel. It was a Sunday so it was extremely hard to get photos without people photobombing or walking into every single shot (thank God for photoshop), but we made it work. Once we were done, we drove up to the lighthouse to continue shooting. The drive was unreal. We were surrounded by beautiful fields full of flowers and the cutest animals. The ocean was on both sides of us and the view was undescribable. Once we arrived, the weather went from cold to absolutely freezing. The entire area was covered in fog, but nonetheless it was so breathtaking. We all hopped out the car all bundled up in our  jackets and blankets, and went in search of our next location. We went to a cliffside overlook with the view of the ocean and the California coast and continued shooting. It was quite a struggle shooting around the constantly moving fog and wind, but that didn't stop us. Once we got a few shots, Alex + Dina did another quick outfit changed and we hiked down the cliff to shoot some more. The weather was vicious and these two were frozen. I personally enjoyed the cold because these two were able to get super snuggly and keep each other warm, which made for some beautiful and intimate photos. As we were shooting, we noticed the sun started to set through the fog and was quickly disappearing. We rushed back to our cars as quick as we could and raced to find the nearest beach to capture the last moments of light. By that time, we were so frozen so all we did was run around in the sand having a good time. So thankful for couples like Alex + Dina, who are down for anything and are willing to brave the cold to create some everlasting memories. Looking forward to heading back to shoot at Point Reyes in August and also cannot wait for these two to tie the knot in September. 

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